About us


Freight Link is one of specialized and dynamic forwarding companies in Egypt , Established in

year 2000, as a Limited company and on 2010,it became joint stock company.

Freight Link provides the ultimate support to customers available almost 24 hours, 7days a

week to meet client full satisfaction and provide services in efficient & economical way.

We provide full logistic solutions based on the needs of our clients.

Freight Link is a specialized company in the complete management of any transport in the

world with no economic barriers. As we have network of agents in every part of the world.

From the pick-up of the goods at the origin to their final destination, Freight Link offers a

comprehensive and reliable service including all the logistics activities and management of the

transport, issuing of documents, customs clearance, import – export licenses, etc.

Global economy demanding an accurate answer when you need to move goods from one point

to another in the shortest possible time, Freight Link will study the best solution with the most

competitive conditions to offer you the fastest delivery in perfect conditions. We will provide

you with detailed and precise information of the situation of your goods.

Our Staff is highly qualified and specialized on International Transport with a long experience

on this field.

Through the years, our track record has proven that professionalism, honesty and commitment

are the most important factors of success than oversize.

 We are able to say “ Of course Possible”

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