Multimodal Transport

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Multimodal Transport is commonly known as referring to a transport operation that is carried out using different modes of transport and organized by a single operator. Multimodal Transport is also a legal concept strictly defined in the United Nations Convention on the International Transport of Goods and other international instruments, where the specified liability regime of the operator differs from those applicable in modal operations.

Freight Link provides and manages multi-modal Transport and logistics solutions to serve the international markets. We are a registered Multimodal Transport Operator with our own Bill of Lading for worldwide operations, covering both sea and land transportation. We can also organize and provide the customs engineering expertise to optimize customs clearance. Since we are the member of FIATA & EIFFA we can also issue the FIATA bill of ladings to meet our client’s L/C requirements.

Multimodal Transport implies the safe and efficient movement of goods, where the we accept the corresponding responsibility from door-to-door. With technological development of transport means and operations, as well as in communications, coupled with liberalization in the provision of services, more and more transport operators are able to provide such safe and efficient transport.

Freight Link has developed relationship with associates who can provide space at Custom Bonded Warehouses (CBW) at different land and sea ports, looked by professional operation personnel, to provide smooth and continuous carting to our esteemed clients.

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